Families should feel confident that their children are safe and secure at school. Day to day safety depends on secure attendance methods including; verification of approved caregivers at dismissal, real time accounting of all on campus or in the program, portable emergency contact and medical information, organized reunification with families if evacuation is necessary.

Portable Security

GoPad takes every aspect of campus security into account managing attendance for children, faculty, staff and visitors. Information is synced between classroom, front desk, and administration and is backed up locally and on the cloud. If there is power or internet failure, local GoPad backup provides faculty and staff with required medical and contact information. Access to this information is critical in the event of an emergency evacuation or any time students are off campus at a school event.

Verified Attendance and Dismissal

The GoPad check in and out feature tracks approved caregivers and records when children arrive at and are dismissed from school. Parents and Guardians can opt to receive email or text alerts when their children have been released to an approved caregiver. Parents can also approve and update new caregivers at any time providing flexibility while maintaining security.

Instant Communication

GoPad is designed for all aspects of student safety from secure daily attendance to family reunification in a crisis situation. In the case of evacuation, each GoPad is equipped with student emergency contact information. The GoPad gives teachers emergency protocols (reminds staff of emergency directions). In the case of evacuation to planned off site locations, GoPad ensures secure reunification with families providing all key contacts off line.

Daily Reports for State compliance and licensing

As required by many state and local laws (2016) GoPad tracks daily attendance for students checking in and out. GoPad generates reports for school administration or external audit making it simple to create daily reports and compile historical data.

Empowering Teachers, Faculty and Staff

GoPad is designed to empower faculty and staff to store and update information daily. Substitute teachers have current information at their fingertips both in the classroom and on the go. GoPad communicates student absence to the school administration and tracks absence due to infectious disease as required by many school districts and licensing bodies.

Student's Medical and Nutritional needs

Teachers have access to all critical information about their student's dietary restrictions, medical needs, and Pediatrician contact details. GoPad stores data locally so faculty and staff have access to child's medical information when leaving the classroom or building on a school trip.


Student Bio Information

Teachers are provided with access to student's critical information: emergency contact numbers, food allergies, medical needs and caregiver information with photograph.


GoPad displays current classroom attendance providing the status of each student: in, out, or absent.


GoPad keeps a running log of all campus arrivals and departures for faculty, staff and visitors, and students providing administration with a total number on campus at all times.

Staff and Visitors

If you had an emergency today, would you know instantly who is on campus and who is inside your building(s) and who is not.


Have everything at your fingertips

Administrators have hassle-free access to real time attendance of children faculty, staff and visitors on campus. This is key in emergencies such as fire or local weather crises. Cloud based backup gives you detailed real time information when you are on the road or at home.

Stay in compliance and reduce risk with front desk features

When your front desk or entrance is unstaffed, teachers can check themselves in or out. With use of this module, teacher attendance is logged for use with labor compliance and internal HR records. Front desks with reception staff can ensure visitors check in and out, providing administrative oversight and compliance with building rules.

View detailed reports

Map a student's check out records by GoPad's reports feature which gives a detailed account of his check-out history along with the approved caregiver's data.


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