December 14, 2012 in Newtown, Connecticut forever changed the way our society views school safety. Already profoundly impacted by the shooting at Columbine High School in Littletown, Colorado, it became devastatingly clear to schools that children of every age are vulnerable to violence. Schools were once again reminded of the need to seriously assess the safety of their buildings and their ability to respond in any crisis situation.

We saw this need and wanted to help. Our experience, both in law enforcement and as parents of young children, gave us a unique perspective on the security of our schools and the tools needed to ensure the safety of our children.

Our work with early childhood institutions in New York City revealed the unique needs associated with a very young student population. Unable to arrive at or leave from school independently, there is great responsibility placed on teachers to ensure that students are safely dismissed to an authorized adult at the end of the school day.

This responsibility is especially serious in the event of a school evacuation whether occurring as the result of natural disaster, fire, or violent attack.

To respond quickly and decisively in a crisis, school administrators must account for the number of students, staff, and faculty on campus at all times during the school day.

For these reasons we designed the GoPad - a portable digital attendance tool that provides real time accounting of students, staff, and visitors inside the school building. GoPad ensures that vital student information (medical, emergency contact, secure attendance) can "go" with the student whether on a planned field trip or in an emergency evacuation and enables school administration to contact families in a crisis and safely reunite students with their caregivers.

GoPad. Safe and Secure at School


If your priority is to keep your younger ones safe, then now is the time you get started. Let's do it together for a better future. Let's shape a secure environment for your budding talent. Sign up for a free demo here.